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Four Easy Ways to Update Your Home Before the Holidays

If there’s one word that comes to mind when describing 2015 design trends it’s BOLD. More has definitely been more this year and the holidays are a great time to embrace this trend.

Here are four bold ways to update your home before the holidays:

Moody Walls & Decor

Modern design has been Scandinavian and minimalist for a long time. We’re all too familiar with light coloured wood, simple lines, abundant negative space and lots of grey, but 2015 brought a shift towards darker, moodier colours and more layered, multidimensional decor.

Although not usually associated with the holidays, black has also been a predominant tone this year. Brave clients use it for cabinets and wall colour, while others embrace black accents and accessories to ground their décor.

If hesitant about black, contrast it and white for a classic look that never goes out of style. The white balances the black in a bold, sophisticated way that acts as an excellent backdrop for traditional holiday colours.

If looking for something less predictable, jewel tones such as deep purple, cobalt blue and rich mossy green are all extremely popular right now. Try incorporating these into your holiday décor instead of the usual red or burgundy accent colour. Be sure and layer different tones of the same colour or complimentary colours for a modern look. Once again, more is more!

Paint is an inexpensive way to dramatically change any room. Try a darker colour than you would normally – especially in the dining room – to create a warm appetite-inducing ambience. Lacquered walls are another big trend that help minimize the fear of dark, saturated colours since they reflect and bounce light around the room.

The Fifth Wall

No matter the surface – broadloom, hardwood, tile and/or area rugs – designers are embracing bold colour and pattern turning floors into a focal point all unto their own.

Think Moroccan tiles and area rugs, patterned multi-tone herringbone or chevron hardwood floors and bold geometric, art deco inspired tiles.

Invest in resurfacing your floors or treat yourself to a new area rug. Anything bold in colour or pattern and high in contrast will anchor your space to highlighting the rest of your furniture and décor.

Statement Lighting

A great way to up the ante in any room is by adding a new light fixture. Thanks to modern technology and LED’s the options are endless and more efficient than ever before.

Gone are the days of ugly flush mount lights in bedrooms and chandeliers restricted only to formal dinning rooms. Today unique art like, often over sized fixtures make a bold statement in just about any area of your home so invest in something you love. It’s sure to be enjoyed over the holidays and for years to come.


No room is complete without texture. Be it visual or tactile, texture adds warmth no matter how minimalist your décor.

The holidays are typically full of texture so why not invest in something you can enjoy all year round?

This year we’ve seen texture trends in walls treatments and artwork. Even macramé made an unexpected, albeit slightly controversial comeback.

Wallpaper is another great way to add texture and visual interest to your home. If afraid to commit, restrict the application to above chair rail in a dinning room or hallway. You may also consider papering all four walls, perhaps even the ceiling, but do so within picture or crown moulding for easy removal later.

No matter what your style or plans this December, say goodbye to 2015 in a bold way that provides warmth over the holidays and updates your home for next year.

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