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#TBT - Design Trends 2015 – Part I

Seeing how we’re officially 6 months into the year I thought it might be fun to look back at which trends came to fruition and which ones missed the mark completely.

Here’s an article I wrote back in January. I hope it serves as a fun read or as inspiration for design projects you’re planning this summer and fall:

Merging Styles & Cultures – Mixing interior design periods, styles and trends continues to be popular in 2015. What’s different and exciting is the origin of these trends.

Expect to see more influences from Africa, Asia, The Middle East, Latin America and Europe – not only in terms of colour, texture and pattern but also in an eclectic fusion of styles when decorating.

Mixing and matching does require a certain eye in order for it to seem effortless and natural. I always recommend buying what you love. Doing so tends to ensure more confidence when incorporating multi-cultural elements that make your home both stylish and on trend.

Colour – There seems to be two sides of the spectrum in terms of colour this year – soft and muted or deep, rich and vibrant. On the one side are gentle pastels, smoky shades of grey and warm muddied neutrals while on the other are deep rich jewel tones like indigo and aubergine as well as vibrant fruit inspired colours.

Contrary to popular belief the two can co-exist and, in many cases, work nicely together. Picture a modern, paired down, monochromatic space that’s predominantly grey with olive green and metallic accents amped up with an injection of apple inspired chartreuse green.

Marsala, Pantone’s colour of the year, is a mixture of both trends –muddy, earthy and warm while still vibrant and spicy. Think of a toned down, dustier version of the ox-blood accents we saw in fashion this time last year.

Like Pantone, most paint and décor experts have also made predictions. Deeringhall’s favourite is a pale, dusty pink called Pink Ground by Farrow and Ball. Sherwin Williams named Coral Reef SW 6606 their colour of the year while Benjamin Moore chose Guilford Green HC-116, “a silvery green that works well with everything.” This green colour is certainly in keeping with all the nature inspired and organic elements we’re seeing in terms of décor.

Contrary to some earlier predictions, grey – everyone’s favourite neutral – is staying put for at least another year. One of my new favourites is Repose Grey SW 7015 by Sherwin Williams. Silver Fox 2108-50 is another grey I’ve used in my own home that also made Benjamin Moore’s colour palette for 2015.

After a solid run, painted feature walls are officially on their way out while zone painting schemes are all the rage.

No matter what your preference, be bold when mixing colours this year and you’re sure to be on trend.

Accessories & Décor - If there’s one place I see Pantone’s Marsala popping up everywhere it’s definitely in terms of accessories. Named after an Italian fortified wine, the rich, warm colour goes nicely with most of this years colour and style trends.

Cut crystal makes a comeback in terms of accessories while mixing metallics - especially rust, copper and pink gold - continues to be a trend in 2015.

Organic shapes and natural materials are another huge trend when it comes to accent pieces such as lighting, ceramics, glassware and accessories. This is likely a nod towards quality craftsmanship and eco-friendly design – both of which we’ll discuss in more detail next week.

Stay tuned for these as well as popular patterns, textures and kitchen design trends in next weeks article.

To be continued…

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