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What's Your Style?

I’m often asked about High Street Design’s style. Last week, while meeting my trade rep at ELTE, the question came up again and it got me thinking....

Unlike most designer firms we don’t have a distinct style, and to be honest, I hope we never do.

I love interior design because no two clients or projects are alike. It’s my job as a design consultant to appreciate all different styles, time periods and trends so I can identify them in my client’s personalities and strategically incorporate them into our designs. As such, one of our most popular consultations is around style identification.

If there’s one thing I’ve always had a knack for it’s reading people. It’s an innate ability I’ve honed over time and something that continues to serves me well.

Understanding people’s needs and wants – often before they do – makes me a better designer. Interpreting those needs and incorporating aspects into each space is at the heart of our philosophy. If a space is designed without our clients in mind or if it looks like another HSD project, we’ve missed the mark entirely.

Designers will always have signatures – one of mine is incorporating antique finishes like brass to add warmth – but I hope people never look at a space and think, “oh that’s High Street Design”. I hope we’re never that predictable, both for our own selfish reasons – how else do we evolve & learn – but especially for our clients.

In terms of my own personal style – it’s constantly evolving as well. At its core I prefer clean lines, masculine over overtly feminine, functional neutral pieces and creating timeless designs. Spaces that are as functional and liveable as they are elegant and refined.

As far as the future is concerned, I hope we continue to grow, take on new, exciting projects and push the limits of our creativity. It’s an amazing time to be a designer. Never before have there been so many tools at our disposal. Never before have there been so few rules to follow.

I can’t predict the future but I’m confident our philosophy of catering each space and style to our client’s personalities and needs will hold strong. Most of all I can’t wait to see all the exciting projects to come!

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