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When to Hire an Interior Designer

If there’s a common thread among all my clients it’s that they value having a home they’re proud of. A space in which they look forward to spending their downtime and love to entertain in. Where clients differ is in their reasoning to hire a designer.

Here are a few of the most common reasons people seek our expertise as well as how designers can help with home renovation projects this spring, summer and fall:

New Home – Moving is an exciting time but can also be stressful and daunting, especially if you’re reusing existing furniture in new ways, looking to incorporate all or some new pieces, need to repaint, renovate etc. A designer can alleviate this stress so you can enjoy the process and ensure your new house becomes a home as quickly as possible.

Limited Budget – This may seem counterintuitive but having a limited budget usually means you can’t afford to make mistakes, risk delays etc. Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of a designer ensures an efficient project that’s both on time and on budget. A designer can also help squeeze more into your budget by leveraging their partnerships and trade discounts.

Lack of Time – As a designer, I’m happy to do as much or as little as my clients need. Most people I work with are busy professionals. They don’t have the time required to be overly involved in the process and want their home to be completed as quickly as possible so they can enjoy it. Managing everything from start to finish, with the homeowners input throughout, allows for the most efficient use of time while still ensuring a custom finished product.

Lack of Patience – Over the years I’ve come to realize not everyone loves the design process as much as I do. Although they may have time, they’d rather spend their evenings and weekends doing anything else. This requires complete faith and trust between the homeowner and the designer. Although some may argue riskier, what’s true in life is also true in design. As long as you establish a similar vision from the beginning, taking the risk to trust your designer often guarantees the most reward or “wow” factor.

Renovating, Building or Updating – Working with a designer allows you to not only leverage their expertise but also their contacts. Most designers have a long list of partners – architects, contractors, plumbers, painters, electricians etc. – they work with and can ensure will do a good job for a fair price. Knowing the proper order of things can also help minimize mistakes or changes later. You’ll be thrilled when it comes time to furnish your space and all the electrical outlets are exactly where you need them! A designer can also act as a liaison between you and your contractors alleviating some of the stress that comes from building or renovating.

Merging Styles – Moving in together for the first time is exciting but not without it’s challenges. Many of my clients have found it helpful to have an unbiased third party or liaison when it comes to deciding what stays and what goes. A designer can also help you fill in the gaps with new pieces that pull both your styles together for a cohesive, unique home that reflects you as a couple.

New Addition – This is an exciting time for everyone involved. There’s also a lot of pressure to create the perfect nursery for your new bundle of joy. Enlisting the help of a designer during this busy time can help alleviate stress and ensure your vision is achieved. Expanding your family may also mean making the most of your smaller than ideal home until you have the time and resources to purchase something larger. Space planning is key to the design process and can help extend the life of your current home while you save for something else.

Looking to Sell – It’s amazing how a few simple design and decorating changes can improve your homes appeal to potential buyers. Working with a designer can not only add value to your home but also decrease its time on the market.

Option Paralysis – Many of my clients like a little bit of everything when it comes to different styles and simply don’t know how to pull everything together. Clients often have lots of great ideas but aren’t sure how or where to begin. In some cases they’ve tried going it alone and now wish they hadn’t. A good designer can help you create a plan as well as execute so everything happens in the right order and on budget. They can also establish what works well together for an eclectic mix of styles, time periods etc. thus ensuring a curated look that doesn’t appear to have been purchased all at once from the same store.

Extra Set of Eyes – A professional designer has encountered and overcome every design challenge imaginable. In fact, they welcome and appreciate a good challenge because it forces them to think further outside the box and be even more creative. Upon seeing a space for the first time, they can provide several options to make your home more beautiful but also functional. In my opinion function is the most important element a designer should contribute to your home!

For a space to truly feel unique it should tell a visual story of who you are and who you aspire to be. If you fall into any of the reasons above, you may benefit from the expertise of a professional designer to help create and achieve your ideal home.

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