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Updating your Bedroom for Summer

We’ve all experienced our fair share of cold Victoria Day long weekends but it tends to be a turning point bringing us one step closer to summer.

This year we’re fortunate to have already had a few days of warm weather making us even more anxious and excited for what’s to come.

As we embrace lighter clothing and open toed shoes, be sure to prepare your home as well. Here are a few tips on how to style your bedroom for summer:

Store Winter Linens – Now’s the perfect time to swap down bedding for lighter, cooler alternatives be it a synthetic duvet, new sheets, a quilt or lighter blankets. Store heavier bedding nearby in case of cool summer nights but ensure it’s out of sight till fall. Baskets are a practical and decorative way to hide bedding and other seasonal items, especially if you’re short on storage.

Swap Floor Coverings – Area rugs are a must during the winter. They add necessary warmth and ease the pain of getting out of bed on cool mornings. In the summer they tend to be more decorative than practical so why not swap wool rugs for natural fiber sisal, jute, kilim or dhurrie alternatives. You may even consider going a step further by removing your rug altogether and appreciating your floors this summer.

If you are weary of spending a lot on a second rug, try purchasing a less expensive runner placed horizontally under the bed so each end is in front of a side table. Doing so still adds colour and texture while providing a soft resting place for feet when getting in and out of bed.

Brighten your Décor – Go bold with bright colours and patterns or soft with light pastels and solid neutrals to inspire summer indoors. Embrace lighter, flowy natural fibers and fabrics. Florals are popular this year and geometrics never go out of style. If your bedroom features strong, dark elements like walls or furniture that aren’t as easy to change add colourful throw pillows to all white sheets and bedding.

Embrace Natural Light – I’m all for blackout blinds in a bedroom to ensure a goodnights sleep but make a habit of leaving windows uncovered during the day. Replace heavier curtains with light, flowy sheers or drapes made of natural fibers like linen. Canopies are a great addition during the summer to make your room look and feel softer. Nothing inspires a summer atmosphere like airy fabrics blowing gently in the breeze.

Well-placed mirrors and shiny surfaces be it glossy paint or lacquered furniture are other great ways to reflect and maximize the amount of natural light in your bedroom.

Add Greenery – Style your bedside table for summer by remove bulkelements and only displaying key items. Be sure to include flowers and greenery in these elements to bring the outdoors in. Plants improve air quality and appeal to your sense of smell – an all too often overlooked aspect of décor.

Rest & relaxation can be hard to come by all year round so its important we maximize the time we have and where we spend it. Be sure to enjoy your long weekend but also spend a little time creating a sanctuary that will serve you well all summer long.

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