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Spring Re-Fresh - Part II

Is it April yet? I couldn’t be more excited for Easter. Not only is it early this year, it’s additional proof spring has officially sprung. Another sign is the resurgence of patios being set up all over the city. Fingers crossed we’ve finally turned the corner on our long, cold winter…

Last weeks article received a lot of great feedback so I decided to keep the sentiment going.

Here are a few more tips on refreshing your décor for spring:

Re-Finish & Re-Upholster

Do you have a piece of furniture you adore for its quality, comfort, clean lines, function or nostalgia? Is it in desperate need of a makeover?

Most of us have a piece or two that come to mind. If not, consider visiting West Queen West over the long weekend to find an affordable piece in need of rejuvenation. IKEA is another great source of low cost furniture that can easily be made your own.

PAINT - Don’t be afraid to paint new or old furniture in a bold, unexpected colour. If it’s an heirloom you’re against painting, consider striping and refurbishing it back to the original or just painting the inside.

TEXTILES – Be sure to play with colour and pattern when it comes to choosing new fabrics – just don’t neglect scale. Certain patterns are better suited to simpler lines. If your piece has a lot of folds, tufting etc. you may want to go with a solid. It’ll save you headaches when doing the work yourself and additional expense lining up the pattern if outsourcing.

There are tons of great fabric stores in Toronto. A few favourites are Designer Fabrics in Parkdale, King Textiles in the garment district, macFAB on Queen East and Kravat/Lee Jofa at Designer’s Walk.

If it’s too big a project to tackle on your own, here’s a BlogTO article from last June that should help:

No matter what you choose, the finished product should enhance your existing décor or inspire a whole new direction.

Add Architectural Detail

Ceilings and walls are often neglected design opportunities. By adding trim to these areas we’re able to customize our homes no matter what their vintage.

I’m a big fan of installing decorative panels, picture molding or wainscoting using inexpensive quarter round and trim. Painting it the same colour as the wall adds tone on tone texture while a different colour adds contrast. When planned well both draw the eye to ensure a beautiful feature wall or focal point. They may also add additional emphasize to your artwork. The same rules apply to an unsightly cabinet or built in. Sometimes extra trim and a fresh coat of paint is all it needs to be given new life.

Adding, bulking up or replacing existing baseboards and moldings is another relatively inexpensive way to personalize your space and add visual interest. If you own an older home consider painting wood trim white. I guarantee it will instantly brighten your space. Take it a step further by painting part of the relief in a contrasting colour, perhaps even a metallic. Doing so draws more attention towards your ceiling or floor.

Many trim providers also offer easy to install decorative panels that add pattern to your ceilings, walls, fireplace surround etc. The higher your ceilings, the more you can get away with when it comes to adding architectural details.

Update your Floors

There are two options when it comes to flooring: replace it, which can get expensive, or hide it and draw attention elsewhere.

One way to hide old wooden floors is by painting them. White is a clean, fresh way to brighten up your home while dark brown or black will help ground your decor. If you’re really bold, try adding a pattern to make them feel like tile without losing the warmth of wood.

When in doubt or dealing with broadloom carpets, adding an area rug is never a bad idea. Just be sure it’s the right size. An easy way to determine that is by deducting 18” from each wall or subtracting 3 feet from the total width and length of the room.

Tackling these projects now is a great way to embrace spring while also ensuring you and your home are ready for the beautiful, warm weather around the corner.

Happy Easter!

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