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Spring Re-Fresh

Spring signals new beginnings and who doesn’t need that added encouragement this time of year. Despite our current weathers indecision, +7 one day and -2 the next, the warmth we’ve been waiting for is right around the corner so why not take this time to prepare.

Here are a few ways to ensure you and your home are ready for spring:

Accessories – Your style should evolve over time and a new season is a great excuse to invest in a few new accessories. Consider updating your accent colour, adding new toss cushions, investing in a new area rug or artwork.

When it comes to accessories don’t forget the outdoors. Most home improvement stores and furniture retailers are already displaying their spring collections. During a recent trip to Crate & Barrel I happened upon their outdoor furniture, accessories and planters. If you’re in the market, you may want to start there.


Linens – I recommend purchasing new linens at least twice a year - once in the fall and once in the spring. Doing so is a great way to freshen up your bedroom décor and very little’s more important than a good nights sleep.

Although you can easily spend a small fortune on high thread count Egyptian cotton, Au Lit is one of my favourite Canadian retailers, you certainly don’t have to. Homesense is a great resource for quality sheet sets ranging in price from $50 to $150 dollars.

This year I purchased bamboo sheets for the first time. Known for being extremely soft, highly durable, thermo-regulating, well fitting and naturally hypoallergenic, I have to say they’ve surpassed all my expectations. As an added benefit they’re also sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

Plants – Plants bring the outdoors in and add life to our décor.

Ficus trees are popular again having been featured in a lot of home décor magazines this year. I’ve always been a fan of succulents since they’re virtually indestructible and work equally well outdoors. Cherry blossoms will be in bloom before too long and orchids are never a bad idea. Tulips are another personal favourite that will be readily available with lilies, paper whites and daffodils just in time for Easter. When in doubt, head to the Ave & Dav flower district for inspiration straight from the source.

Paint – A fresh coat of paint goes a very long way! It’s also relatively easy and affordable to bring new life and colour to your home.

Try a bold colour like magenta, teal or coral, add a grid or stripped pattern to your walls, paint your trim or doors with an unexpected accent colour like chartreuse green or orange, draw attention to your ceiling with blush or other soft pastel... The only thing limiting you is your imagination and the best part of changing your paint colour is how it forces you to look at your home in a new light.

Lighting–We typically add light fixtures for practical, task related reasons in our homes. This season I encourage you to add lighting for decorative and purely aesthetic reasons as well. Think string lights for patios, vintage marquis letters or even your favourite saying expressed in custom neon lights. Decorative lighting options are truly endless so think outside the box and inject your personality in a bold and unexpected way.

De-Clutter & Style – Minimize items on countertops, tabletops and other flat surfaces. Gather all remaining decorative items and follow last week’s tips on styling your home in a new way. Changing where and how you display things may be all you need to inject new life.

Plan Ahead – If you’re looking to renovate or re-model this summer now’s the time to start researching and sourcing help. Designers, contractors and builders book up quickly during the summer and it’s important you’re comfortable with who you work with. Book consultations now and you’ll have your pick of who to partner with and when the work gets done.

When our homes look better, we feel better! Take some time before the warm weather hits to invest in yourself by investing in your home.

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