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Kitchen Design Trends 2015 – PART II

Diverse, almost contradictory design & décor trends abound this year and equally so when it comes to planning a new kitchen.

Last week we discussed texture & pattern, monochromatic colour schemes, open shelving and furniture like details. This week I’d like to discuss a few more trends in the hopes they inspire and help you achieve your dream kitchen.

Here’s Part II of some of my favourite kitchen design trends in 2015:

Modern meets Traditional – Mixing different time periods and styles is always fun and challenging for designers but this year we’re being especially bold by mixing the very traditional with the very modern.

Kitchen Trends Part II_Kitchen I.png

This trend requires a keen eye and a strategic approach to ensure it comes off as intentional and seamless. Try mixing more traditional cabinet door colours and profiles with contemporary finishes in terms of hardware, lighting, countertops and backsplashes.

When done right the result is warm, inviting and more livable than an all modern or all traditional kitchen. Minimalism in terms of what you choose to display can also play up the contemporary feel. It’s truly a strategic mix of old and new that makes this style more modern and updated.

Bright, Bold Colour – Brightly coloured, primary and jewel toned fixtures, sinks and appliances seemed to be everywhere at IDS this year. Perhaps it’s a throw back to the 50s and 60s when pastel coloured appliances were on trend? Personally I’m still a fan of clean lines, hidden appliances and neutral finishes in a kitchen, but if you’re looking to do something bold 2015 may be your year.

Kitchen Trends Part II_Kitchen III.png

Tribal inspired tones are also very popular. A few weeks ago we discussed how Middle Eastern, European and South American influences are popping up everywhere and the kitchen is no exception. Think deep, rich burgundy colours like Pantone’s masala, dusty shades of mustard yellow or soft grey pink tones mixed with bolder royal blues inspired by Moroccan tiles etc. If you’re not a fan or if you’re simply bored of all-white kitchens and monochromatic colour schemes try these attention-grabbing colours when choosing paint colours and accents to be more on trend this year.

Walk In Pantries – Also seen at IDS, both Style at Home and House & Home featured large floor to ceiling pantries in their IKEA kitchen designs this year. Both quite European inspired in nature, they used large black pained glass doors, luxurious fabrics and wallpaper as well as bookcases and natural wood elements contrasted with concrete counter tops to give a homey, eclectic and elegant feel to their designs without sacrificing any practicality.

Kitchen Trends Part II_Pantry.png

Ceilings – I’ve often talked about your floor being the fifth wall in terms of area rugs, flooring etc. This year ceilings are making a huge comeback in terms of their importance to design. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited about this trend as I find we often neglect what’s going on above us.

Whether using decorative lighting, wallpaper, architectural details like coffer ceilings, classic or decorative molding and embellishments, it’s clear ceilings will no longer be left out of the mix when it comes to design. Given the importance of kitchens to the overall look and feel of our homes, it’s a perfect room to start playing with this trend in the hopes it translates just as well elsewhere.

Metallics – Mixing metals is still very much on trend this year and gratefully so. The main difference is that the metals we’re choosing are much warmer and softer in tone, not unlike 2015’s colour palettes. Gold is still huge but copper, bronze and pink gold are having their moments as well. I’m personally a huge fan of brushed finishes in gold, brass or oil rubbed bronze when it comes to faucets and hardware – especially when contrasted against an all white kitchen.

Kitchen Trends Part II_Pink Faucet.png

Kitchen Trends Part II_Gold Hood.png
Kitchen Trends Part II_Gold Faucet.png

Mixing matte and glossy finishes will remain big this year and is a great way to inject texture and energy into your kitchen. Based on what I’ve seen I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if matte finishes become even more popular than their shiny, glossy counterparts in 2015.

I hope these trends help inspire you when designing your next kitchen but also when updating the rest of your home.

Design trends are fluid and ever changing so stay true to yourself and always aspire to make small changes if not planning a complete overhaul. This way your style and home are sure to evolve over time.

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