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Kitchen Design Trends 2015 – Part I

There’s no shortage of trends in 2015 and kitchen design is no exception. If you’re planning on renovating or upgrading your kitchen be sure to think carefully about the layout – golden triangle etc. - but also the emerging trends you may want to incorporate.

Whether on purpose or subconsciously, knowing the trends are a great way to spark your imagination and influence your design.

Here’s Part I of some of my favourite trends for kitchens in 2015:

Furniture like Details – Over the past few years we’ve seen a lot of kitchens incorporate different finishes and colours in terms of cabinetry to create more visual interest. This year we’re taking the trend a bit further by incorporating furniture like details that elevate our increasingly versatile kitchens so they are both practical and beautiful.

A great way to incorporate this trend is using your kitchen island. Interior Designer Greg Natale recently told Houzz about an island he raised on brass embellished legs. For extra detail he added intricate paneling and used a contrasting countertop making it look and feel like a custom piece of furniture rather than a standard kitchen island.

Kitchen Design 2015.png

Monochromatic Kitchens – Whether all black or all white, there’s no doubting monochromatic is in when it comes to kitchen design this year.

White tends to brighten a space with limited natural light while black makes a stronger, bolder statement. Most companies are designing appliances, faucets, sinks etc. to meet this trend. It’s becoming so popular there’s even talk of seeing fewer stainless steel appliances – this isn’t a huge surprise given how high maintenance they can be.

Regardless of trends I’m a huge fan of covering and hiding appliances from view whenever possible. At the very least opt for sleeker more streamlined appliances that blend seamlessly with your kitchen’s architecture.

Open Shelving – This trend, although more beautiful than practical, carries over from last year. Open shelving does allow us to personalize our kitchens by displaying favourite pieces in the heart of our homes. That said, many things shouldn’t be displayed so choose the amount of open shelving as well as what’s on display very carefully when applying this trend.

Although I love the spacious look achieved with fewer upper cabinets, the amount of storage required in a kitchen usually prevents clients from forgoing them altogether. By incorporating a bit of both you achieve the look without sacrificing coveted additional storage.

Texture & Pattern – Wallpaper is a sure fire way to add pattern, texture and colour all of which contribute to the visual impact of a space. This year we’re expecting to see a lot of wallpaper in design but especially when it comes to kitchens. I for one have been dying to use wallpaper to accent a coved ceiling etc. so expect to see it used often and also in new, unusual ways.

Wood cabinets are making a big comeback but in a much more natural and organic way. Touch me texture will always be important to design but especially given the popularity of all white or all black spaces. This year many kitchen companies have come out with cabinets that have a raw, more rustic look to contrast with their glossy, modern counterparts.

Repetitive patterns are also expected to be popular – whether used as a backsplash, for the floor or as an accent wall etc. Elegant motifs like arabesques and other patterns reminiscent of art deco and art nouveau times inspired by Turkish and Middle Eastern influences are popping up everywhere including our kitchens. Think laser cut plywood or steel panel accents; door inserts and beautifully painted Moroccan mosaic tiles in marble, glass etc.

Patterned backsplashes are winning over marble slabs and subway tiles although neither will ever entirely go out of style. Contrast is the name of the game with bold colours and matte or honed finishes taking center stage – two things I’m very excited about this year.

Stay tuned next week when we discuss other exciting trends in kitchen design for 2015.

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