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Design Trends 2015 – Part II


Last week we discussed the diverse and often contradictory design trends for 2015 in terms of style, colour, accessories and décor.

This week I’d like to focus on a few movements I see happening within the industry as well as trends for textures, patterns & finishes. Although I promised to discuss kitchens in this weeks article there’s so many exciting things happening I’ve decided it warrants its own part III so please stay tuned!

Quality Craftsmanship – After years of mass produced products mostly manufactured overseas many people, my self included, are growing tired of the disposable world we live in. Instead we’re looking for quality materials and manmade craftsmanship. This year the items we purchase may cost a bit more upfront but are much more likely to withstand the test of time.

As a result items made locally by skilled human hands are more popular than ever. These items seem more authentic and unique which inherently makes them more coveted. Whether new or old world in their origins, skills like binding, weaving, printing, knotting, quilting etc. will be much more prevalent in terms of furnishings and accessories this year.

Environmental Consciousness – Almost hand in hand with the movement above is the need to be more environmentally conscious and socially aware. Many of us are becoming more responsible about our impact on the world and as such I’m seeing this reflected more and more in terms of requests from clients. Environmentally friendly, sustainable products and processes like passive homes, energy efficient lighting, reduced running costs, repurposing, recycling, up-cycling and using new hybrid materials are either people’s current standards of living or they’re certainly growing in importance when it comes to design.

Textures, Patterns & Finishes – In keeping with fashion trends over the past few years, prints and patterns are scheduled to make a big comeback in the world of design. On the one hand prints are fluid and organic– think blurred photographic images, peacock feathers, graded dip dyed designs, florals and tropical prints. One the other they are strong and geometric– 3D patterns, repeated forms, kaleidoscope images and patterns inspired by cells or molecules. In my opinion herringbone continues to look fresh and never really goes out of style. Hexagons, polygons and honeycomb shapes are everywhere but especially in terms of wall treatments, flooring tiles and fabrics.

Texture is big in general, be it visual or tactical. When it comes to wood we are tending to prefer lighter, raw materials. When shiny it’s important they are applied in ways we can still appreciate their beauty. Upholstered sofas are much more popular than leather. Velvet is big again as are rougher weaves since textures derived from nature are especially on trend. Think botany, insect prints, fossils, bone, wood, bark, stone and organic shapes when looking to add texture in 2015.

One trend I’m very excited about is the return of matte finishes that innately contribute both depth and interest to a décor. A matte finish gives an object an edgy look while still allowing you to appreciate its overall material and form. This principle has always been critical to modern design but we’re starting to see it more in other styles as everyone desires softer, more authentic and natural finishes. This trend is growing everywhere but especially when it comes to faucets, lighting, furniture, accessories, kitchens and bathrooms.

Mixed metals add a great contrast to the matter finishes above and are still very much in style. This year we’re leaning more towards steel, brass, copper, pewter and oil rubbed bronze over the gold, chrome and stainless finishes of previous years.

Although it may seem a bit overwhelming given the multitude of trends this year and how seemingly opposite many of them are, at the end of the day its most important to stay true to your own sense of style. If not looking to do a complete overhaul I always encourage clients to weave a few smaller, on trend items into their décor so your home stays fresh and you style continues to evolve.

Stay tuned next week when I dedicate an entire article to kitchen design trends in 2015.

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