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The Importance of Gray: Today's Neutral of Choice

Gray seems to be everywhere these days so no surprise the majority of condo’s I’ve helped design (including my own) have incorporated this popular colour. It’s modern, it’s neutral, but it can also be complicated. Finding the perfect gray is no easy task! Often too green, too purple, too blue - testing several tones on your wall to compare during different times of day and different amounts of light is key to this colours success.

Personally I also tend to prefer grays with a brown or taupe undertone. Some Benjamin Moore favourites include Silver Fox (2108-50), Abalone (2108-60), Revere Pewter (HC-172), Edgecomb Grey (HC-173) and Classic Grey (1548). If you're looking for more impact, Metropolis (CC-546) and Ashley Grey (HC-87) are considerably darker and work well as an accent wall. In the space featured we chose Abalone with a Metropolis accent.

Although still technically a cool colour these grays tend to be on the warmer side. Add warm or cool accent colours, natural wood surfaces and my signature brass accessories and/or antiques to ensure your neutral condo has the perfect combination of modern meets traditional style - no matter how much chrome or lacquer coexist in your space!



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