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Mood Enhancing Décor

If you’re like me you’re pretty sick of winter by now. Every year I find February and March the most difficult months to persevere. Rationally I know spring is around the corner but day to day, I’m in need of a few reminders.

I truly believe our environments have a huge impact on how we feel so when we can’t control the outdoors, we need to change and update our interiors.

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Here are a few inexpensive ways to reflect spring in your décor and help you survive the rest of winter. They may even inspire a DIY project to keep you busy and warm while stuck indoors:

Colour – I’ve talked about how colours impact on our psychology and physiology before. Never is this more warranted than this time of year.

A few stores are ahead of the curve when it comes to bright, bold colour. West Elm recently released their Kate Spade collection that’s sure to inject lots of energy into your home. Changing pillows, drapery and other soft finishes is a relatively inexpensive way to change your space over the weekend.

If you’re looking for something a bit more labour intensive, try repainting or wallpapering. Adding colour, pattern or texture to any area of your home helps breathe new life and may even give a you a new perspective that inspires more changes down the road.

Furniture – If you have a fairly neutral or monochromatic home, I encourage you to purchase one brightly coloured piece of furniture. It doesn’t have to be large or expensive, just make sure it’s bright in colour and unexpected.

Adding a bookcase is another inexpensive way to display some of your favourite items including photographs, art, collections etc. Having your favourite things in plane sight is a great way to remember what’s important to you and feel at home.

Have an old piece of furniture you’ve grown a little tired of? Give it new life with a fresh coat of paint, new hardware etc. Now’s a great time to tackle these sorts of projects before the warm weather inevitably (can’t wait) draws us outdoors.

Art – Art doesn’t have to be expensive to be impactful. Many years ago I read about a dinner party in NYC where friends and family were asked to help paint a large piece of art for their hosts. It’s an idea that’s always stuck with me. All you need is a large blank canvas and a colour palette that compliments your décor. Invite friends over and get started. The end result may not be a Picasso but it will be made with love by the people who matter to you most. The bigger and more oversized the better!

If you love your existing artwork but still crave a change, move it to a different room or try hanging it in a new way. Combine several small pieces to create a picture wall or hang medium to large pieces slightly off center for an asymmetrically look that’s sure to shake things up.

I’ve said it before and will say it again; area rugs are like artwork for you floor. Mixing, matching and layering several rugs is a fun, eclectic way to add colour and texture. If you’ve always longed for a beautiful, more expensive option but haven’t been able to rationalize the investment, W Studio, a favourite provider of mine is having a huge clearance sale before they move to their new location on Caledonia Road. At 50-70% it’s definitely worth popping by their temporary clearance location at Designers Walk.

Lighting – There are a lot of bright, colourful, inexpensive lights on the market that help inject more colour and energy into your home.

Lighting is number one when it comes to creating a mood. A well-lit space can elevate while a dimly lit space can calm or relax. Play with your lighting but also its source. Crate & Barrel, EQ3, CB2 etc. have lots of fun, inexpensive floor lamps like the Mick in yellow that add a bright, pop of colour to any interior.

Another great trend I saw for the first time years ago at ABC Carpet & Home in NYC is hanging a pendant low, just a few feet or even inches above your coffee or side table. Once again it’s the unexpected touches that excite the most.

Accessories – Flowers are nature’s best accessories and it’s this time of year we start seeing tulips, daffodils and lilies in stores. Treat yourselves this week and buy an arrangement of fresh cut flowers, a new potted plant or an orchid to literally bring life into your interior.

It’s a proven fact plants improve our mood and who doesn’t need a boost this time of year!

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