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Holiday Décor Tips

When it comes to decorating for the holidays we’re often guilty of getting stuck in our annual routine. What we did last year easily becomes what we do every year so here are a few of my favourite décor tips to inspire something new this holiday season:

Choose A Palette:

Red and green is the obvious choice but if it doesn’t compliment your existing decor I suggest trying something new. Personally I’ve always preferred burgundy and jewel tones to more traditional Christmas colours. If you like the idea of mixing metals now’s the time to try it in your home. Silver, pewter, bronze, brass, yellow & rose gold work well together but especially this time of year. A classic green and white colour palette is another favourite that’s both elegant and timeless. If you’re interested in something bolder and more unexpected, I’ll never forget Sarah Richardson’s home a few years ago when she mixed fuchsia pink, lime green, aqua blue and silver decorations both on her tree and throughout her home. It was a unique combination and a risk for the holidays but it made a beautiful lasting impression.

Holiday Decor III.png

Be Consistent:

Whatever colour scheme you choose strive for consistency throughout your home. I suggest going as far as wrapping all your gifts in the same pallet. If you’re a fan of patterns, consider mixing different wrapping paper like you’d mix throw pillows. The principle is the same in that various patterns of different sizes and scales work well together when unified by the same pallet. Another favourite inexpensive idea is wrapping all your gifts in brown craft paper and adding your colour scheme using bright ribbons and bows.

Holiday Decor VIII.png

Embellish Greenery:

The holidays are a perfect opportunity to add colour and cheer to an otherwise dreary winter landscape so I highly suggest decorating from the outdoors in. While hanging lights and wreaths or embellishing outdoor pots with winter cabbages and bright coloured twigs, be sure to scavenge your yard for natural elements you can bring indoors. Doing so adds instant warmth to your home.

Add sprigs of evergreens, colourful sticks, berries and pinecones along with decorations, ribbons, and lights to garlands around doorways, mantels and railings but also to your existing plants and decor. Magnolia leaves are another favourite of mine this time of year. Add them to your mantel, centerpiece, garlands or light fixtures for a classic touch.

Holiday Decor V.png

Other less traditional items that also work well as holiday decor include paper white and amaryllis plants, birch bark, lemons, limes, oranges and pomegranates, succulents and eucalyptus branches. Many of these also add greenery, life and warmth that will last well into the New Year.

Holiday Decor II.png

More is More:

This may seem overwhelming but the more is more philosophy doesn’t imply you have to decorate everything at once. I highly recommend taking your time and enjoying the process over several weekends with family and friends. Enlist their help to make new traditions and decorations that mix well with existing family favourites. A great family project idea is creating a string or ribbon garland to display holiday cards and small ornaments in the kitchen or along the stairs.

Holiday Decor I.png

Tis the season for glitz and glamour so re-use Christmas ornaments in new & unique ways. Hang them from door nobs, chandeliers, above entranceways or even between railing pickets. If you don’t have many ornaments, I recommend searching antique shops as well as the usual box stores for unique glass ornaments & decorations.

Holiday Decor VIIII.png

Although not typically a bow person I make exceptions around the holidays. Buy some lavish wired ribbon to bend and mold it into organic shapes and display them on gifts, garland, around your tree or throughout your home.

Create a Focal Point:

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, your mantel is an obvious choice but the same rules apply to your dinning table. Think varying heights, symmetry, colour and contrast when creating a focal point not matter where in your home.

Holiday Decor IV.png

Add Warmth:

I’m a firm believer candles and twinkle lights should be in abundance this time of year. If concerned about safety flameless candles are a popular choice as are mason jars that minimize the risk and still provide a wonderful warm glow. A texture through fur throws, wool or cashmere blankets is another way to make your home more inviting and warm.

Your home should always reflect who you are but especially over the holidays. I hope these décor tips inspire you to try something new as you create a festive gathering place for family and friends.

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